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Hopscotch: Light & Sound – An Interactive Art Exhibit in Austin, Texas

If you’re heading to Austin within the next month (by March 31st) or for South by Southwest, you have to check out this interactive art exhibit, Hopscotch: Light & Sound!

I went with a childhood friend of mine, and boy did we have a blast! Each exhibit gave us wonder and joy as we were encouraged to play and interact with them.

For me, the light up ball pit was a long anticipated experience ever since I saw a friend go to a bar with one in London (still NEED to do that though!). But I was so happy when I saw that it was part of the experience.

The hanging light room (I don’t remember it’s actual name) was something truly special (and was also featured at Burning Man!) It felt like you were walking into a rainshower that was made solely out of light and sound.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find 4k VR videos from two of the exhibits! Recommended with VR headsets. If you don’t have one, do yourself a favor and get the Google Cardboard asap! (I will be releasing more and more VR videos soon, so you should to grab a headset now! It’s inexpensive and worth it, I promise.)

Here is more about the event directly from their website:

“Light & Sound is a uniquely curated interactive art exhibit featuring 13 distinctive installations that showcase works from a variety of artists, most of which are Austin based.  The art installations within the space encourage guests to participate and explore their surroundings in a playful manner.

Hopscotch is excited to announce HOPE Campaign as our official non-profit parter for the Light & Sound Exhibit.  Your ticket to our exhibit, running Feb 14 – March 31, will help support the brand new HOPE Outdoor Gallery opening near Carson Creek Ranch and the Austin-Bergstrum International Airport

Hopscotch strives to create immersive experiences that are a respite from the outside world and invoke a sense of joy and wonder in our guests.  We aim to be a point of gravity for immersive artists and those that share our value proposition.  Hopscotch allows artists to showcase their works in sustainable and creative ways, encourages them be inspired by new mediums and empowers them to reach new audiences (maybe that’s you).

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Tickets are $25, and only 18+ is allowed past 7pm. Spots will fill up well in advance, so be sure to snag your spot ASAP! You can find tickets here: https://www.showclix.com/event/hopscotch

Virtual Reality Videos of the Exhibit

These videos are best watched on a VR headset, but still interact on your phone without a headset.

4k VR 360 – Hopscotch: Light & Sound Interactive Art Exhibit – Light Rainshower
A VR 360 video of one of the amazing exhibits at the Hopscotch: Light & Sound immersive art experience that was in Austin, Texas in March 2019. Grab your VR headset and experience the exhibit for yourself that was like a rain shower made of only light and sound.

Adventure with me:

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