How One Couple Has Sailed Around The World for 3 Years!

While in Costa Rica, I was contacted by Hillary & Ty of Adventure Adrift (@AdventureAdrift)!

They contacted me asking if I would want to join them on part of their sail around the world from Costa Rica to Hawaii! 😮

While I was honored by the request, it just wasn’t in the cards for me at the time. Also, I’ll admit, I get seasick lol.

But I took the opportunity to have a chat with them on their sailboat with my bestie Allie and new friend Christina, and we got some stunning images!

They indulged us on their story of how they both previously were flight attendants, but then decided to sell all of their belongings back in Portland three years ago, and they’ve been adventuring and sailing around the world ever since.

Here’s a little snippet from their website of what they’re all about:

“Our aim is to travel the world, learning about local communities and environments, finding ways to immerse ourselves into the local culture, and lending a hand wherever we can… All while sharing our journey and these people and places with YOU!  Too often, beautiful destinations are visited by tourists who only see the surface. We want to truly get to know a place, it’s history, it’s people and it’s environment.  Our aim is to find a way to understand, interact with and give back if we can to show our appreciation of the amazing diversity of cultures and environments that this world holds!”

Check out their impressive YouTube channel too!

Below you’ll find a gallery of our wonderful “Sunset Sail” with the couple, they were real gems and I’m so happy to have had the pleasure to meet them.

We even had swimmers randomly SWIM to the boat, and to the coast line and around! They clearly must have been training for something, but just goes to show you never know just who you’ll meet or the adventures you may have when you open yourself to new experiences and meeting new people!

Thank you again, Hillary and Ty! I wish you luck as you continue your sail around the world. ☺️

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