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Strange Tales of The Sea by Jack Strange – Book Review

Strange Tales of the Sea: Large Print EditionStrange Tales of the Sea: Large Print Edition by Jack Strange
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

LOVED this book!

So many interesting stories, fables, and legends… suddenly, lots of the superstitions I’ve heard surrounding the ocean, mermaids, pirates, etc. make sense. Some of the stories were absolutely CRAZY, and it really gave me perspective on where we are in society and what all we take for granted these days…

It was an incredibly interesting read, and so easy to read, I finished it in a little over two days.

I really appreciated the openmindedness of the author and their unbiased telling of all the accounts.

I’m already planning on giving this book another read in the near future, and possibly making my own map of some of the locations of shipwrecks mentioned in the book, just for fun…

Thank you Jack Strange, love your work!!

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