On The ‘Gram – Oct 28, 2020

Today I “turned out” the vote 🏼

get it?? 🩰

A little ballet/dance humor there…

As of Monday, it is too late to mail in ballots here in Colorado, so I dropped off my ballet in an official Dropbox, and I am hopeful that my votes for #joebidenandkamalaharris and #johnhickenlooper, along with local initiatives to provide more resources for homelessness and mental health in schools, will get the amount of votes they deserve to bring our society and communities forward, with a plan, with meaning, and with a strong goal for healing and providing for everyone, not just a lucky or fortunate few.

If you haven’t voted yet, I urge you to to get that done ASAP and to #voteblue!

In today’s political environment, we NEED leadership with a plan, and who possess compassion. The whole world is looking at us to provide the example, and we need to take care of the community as a whole, in-depth, in order to adequately provide the space for abundance and success.

Step away from the scarcity mindset.
Welcome the abundance mindset. 🤗

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