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Travel Booking Services offered by The Adventure Bitch

Travel Booking Services

This is legit my face when people tell me how much they want to travel, yet there’s always an excuse why they ‘can’t’.⁠

They’re afraid of taking time off at work.⁠

They’re afraid of how much it will cost.⁠

They’re afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone.⁠

Well, I’m here to tell you that you NEED to travel.⁠

You NEED to experience different cultures, different ways of life, and different locales. ⁠

Did you know that your brain actually builds more neuron connections when you experience new things?⁠

Travel not only makes you wiser but actually makes you SMARTER. ⁠

And are you really going to wait until you’re old, gray, and tired to travel the world?⁠

Trading your youth and health for money, and lost time. Just to spend it later wishing you had done it all sooner.⁠

The sooner you start exploring what this world has to offer, the clearer you begin to see things in your own life. I can certainly promise you that much.⁠

Which is WHY I’m offering travel booking services. I want to help people who want to travel, but don’t know where to start. They may be a little intimidated, or they want to take advantage of my uncanny knack for finding great deals at places that are all Instagram worthy or offer unyielding hospitality.⁠

I’m talking to YOU, the person who has been following my Instagram living “vicariously” through my travels but have yet to even get your passport.⁠

Or the person who feels like there’s something missing in their life, but they don’t know what it is. You feel miserable and complacent, and you aren’t sure why.⁠

Let’s chat.⁠

I will be offering a 20-minute intro phone call to chat with you about a place you want to go to, and we will make a feasible action plan to get you there. ⁠

As you may be aware, I’m a bit obsessed with travel.

I’m addicted to it.

And I want you to experience that too, and for good reason. 

Travel changes your view of the world, 

and even your daily life.

You can connect with people and learn things about yourself,

or you can live the life of luxury and relax by the pool.

But do you realize the difference between paying $250+ a night hotel in Miami could be $20 a night in Thailand?

Or maybe you want to travel the world solo like I did, and meet lifelong friends from all over the world, funny accents and great sense of humor and kindness and stories abound while staying in hostels, but maybe you’re a little terrified because the only time you’ve encountered a ‘hostel’ was a terrible scary movie from years ago.