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This Man Has Traveled to All 57 Super Bowls—Heres What Hes Learned

And your favorite stadium to visit?

The AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas is up there. It’s designed with intention, it has air conditioning and massive, clear screens so no matter where you sat you could see everything. There isn’t a bad seat in the stadium.

Your favorite Super Bowl halftime show?

Nothing can top Prince, especially when he started singing “Purple Rain” and it started to rain. But my favorite moment of each game is “The Star-Spangled Banner.” I get chills each time, especially when Whitney Houston sang it in 1991.

Favorite Super Bowl memory of all time?

When I first started attending the games, I attended them with my uncle, Charles Brown. I remember pushing him around the stadium in his wheelchair during the games until he was well into his nineties. Another great memory is just getting to see two Black coaches face off at Super Bowl XLI and seeing two Black quarterbacks, Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes, play against each other at Super Bowl LV II. Those were games that no matter the outcome, as Black Americans—we had won.

Is there a memento you keep from each game?

I’ve been saving my tickets. I have them displayed in my home and if you take a look at the first ones you’ll notice they don’t even say “Super Bowl” on them. Instead, it says “World Championship Game, AFL-NFL.”

What advice would you give to someone that wants to go?

Start saving your money now if you want to go next year. There’s no better way to end the football season, for those who regularly watch and have been rooting for their favorite teams, than to see them make it to the final game. You’ll enjoy every moment of it, but it’ll cost you.