On The ‘Gram – Sep 23, 2020

“As we plant in tears, we shall harvest with joy.”⠀
― Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind⠀

The deafening news of Breonna Taylor’s injustice has many feeling like our voices are falling into the void… and all I can say is that we all are perpetually planting seeds of what is right and wrong in the eyes of our peers, and ourselves.⠀

We must continue to fight, daily, for what is right.⠀

We must continue to grow, daily, into who we want to become.⠀

The justice system has failed Breonna and many before her… but do not forget how far we’ve come in just this short amount of time, despite still not being where we want to be.⠀

“Sometimes we exist long enough to lead the next generation; other times, only to plant a seed and let its resonations of our time here on Earth ripple into new waves.”⠀
― A.J. Darkholme, Rise of the Morningstar⠀

Our voices are being heard. Your third eye is open, and you will see the world with more clarity, but do not let your anger and frustration blind you. ⠀

As I am doing for myself, and what I’ve seen others I admire doing as well, is using this pain, anger, and frustration with the current state of society to plant seeds of change. ⠀

Registering to vote. Recognizing the injustices within our current justice system. Recognizing that all of the preconceptions in our head are not always right. Realizing there is always more than meets the eye… ⠀

The seeds of a brighter, more compassionate future have been planted. We must continue to tend to them until they grow to touch the sky, but you just can’t give up. ⠀

WE can’t give up. Everything you do MATTERS, whether you see that at the time or not. Be aware, be open-minded, and be compassionate. ⠀

The reality of the society we currently live in stems from a mindset of scarcity and self-preservation, but it’s the equivalent of a scared animal snarling in the corner… and who wants to live like that? ⠀

I would rather live in a world where we are not struggling, because we care for others in such a way, that the community is almost effortlessly able to take care of one another… because we built it that way. ⠀

And that’s exactly what I intend to do. 🏼

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