On The ‘Gram – Oct 06, 2020

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” —Edmund Hillary ⁠⠀
This magnificent “art village” was a highlight of my time in the Dominican Republic, where I took my parents last year. The day even greeted us with a little rain shower and a beautiful rainbow over the river. ⁠⠀(Swipe left
⁠to see how I instruct my mother to ‘pose’ for the camera )

“Altos de Chavon, is an architectural wonder, a 16th-century replica of a Mediterranean village perched high above the Chavón River. The village was designed by Dominican architect Jose Antonio Caro, and created by Italian master designer and cinematographer Roberto Coppa. Dominican artisans handcrafted the stone pathways, decorative ironwork, furniture and enchanting buildings, reviving almost forgotten crafts of metal work and stone carving. Under Coppa’s direction, each stone was hand cut, each wooden door frame was handcrafted and each wrought-iron detail hand-forged. Construction of the village began in 1976 and the village was inaugurated in 1982 with the concert of Frank Sinatra at the amphitheater. Altos de Chavon was built as a center of culture for the Dominican people.” – @tripadvisor⁠⠀
Deciding to do something bigger than yourself takes work, it takes persistence and determination… which is not always at full throttle. But, I’m thankful to have had my parents support throughout my journey, not because they have to, but because I’ve shown them that I do not take no for an answer when it comes to my dreams. So, just a reminder to give a little love and appreciation to your support system… we are all in this together and TOGETHER we can achieve greatness. ⁠⠀

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