On The ‘Gram – Jul 31, 2020

I’m thankful to have felt the rain on my skin,⁠⠀
and to have seen all the colors of the sky at once.⁠⠀
I’m thankful to have felt the damp earth beneath my feet,⁠⠀
even with all this pain in my heart.⁠⠀
My body and life are solely mine to cherish and grow,⁠⠀
and will NEVER be yours to do with as you please.⁠⠀
My body and heart are an art,⁠⠀
and I will protect them with all that I have,⁠⠀
just as I wish someone had done for you many years ago.⁠⠀
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,⁠⠀
but a heart for a heart is the most beautiful part ⁠⠀
of what we all should have had right from the start.⁠⠀
But it’s never too late to see the light,⁠⠀
If only you would let love in…⁠⠀

What you’ve been searching for has been inside you this entire time,
just waiting for you to give it a chance.

Your heart and mind have been patiently waiting to blossom
Into the one of a kind,
brightly lit star that you truly are.

I love you,
And the earth and sky told me they do, too.

The patience required is the hardest part,
As we endlessly wait for you to join us.

You’ve been wanted for a long, long time, my love.

I can only hope you see that one day, soon, too.