On The ‘Gram – Jul 27, 2020

My heart is broken,⁠⠀
but the days continue on. ⁠⠀
I am bigger than myself, ⁠⠀
no matter how small ⁠⠀
the world tries to make me feel.⁠⠀
I am a champion for the voiceless on the land and sea.⁠⠀
That is my purpose,⁠⠀
if nothing else…⁠⠀
To solider on,⁠⠀
to keep going,⁠⠀
despite the odds.⁠⠀
You’ve never seen a force like me before,⁠⠀
except for when you look at the sea.⁠⠀
But she is a part of me,⁠⠀
that’s the part you don’t seem to see.⁠⠀
My strength does not depend on ⁠⠀
what you choose to give credit for,⁠⠀
it will still continue to threaten the life inside of me.⁠⠀
Just as the ocean has powers you wouldn’t even believe.