Lululemon Sweat x Connect in Boulder, CO

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Lululemon to attend a Sunday Sweat x Connect event at Shred415 in Boulder, CO that was an exciting and inspiring experience.

They invited several rising, amazing influencers in the Colorado area who were all beautiful, driven, and genuine human beings that are reaching for living their best lives. I felt so inspired and honored to be invited amongst them. 

The influencers ranged from fitness & outdoors enthusiasts, body image coach, counselor, style bloggers, and more. By accepting the invitation to this event, we all became official Lululemon ambassadors and were given a $500 gift card, with the expectation that we would wear our new gear to the event.

I was actually flying in from my Salt Lake City, Utah trip right before this event but managed to place my order on and pick it up just in time for the event, and I decided to go with these pieces specifically for this workout but also pieces that I’ll wear time and time again:

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The event started with a tough as hell workout at Shred415. The workout consisted  of intervals between weights and treadmills (and they were not fucking around), and at one point I think my body was about the give up… but I powered through and was inspired by all the other beautiful abled bodies in the room with me.

And while we were working out, Katie Bricmont was there to capture photography of the event, and Kenny Withrow who filmed and created an amazing promo video from it.  

Following the workout, we were given the chance to hear from Amy Morrison (@truecorehealth) who Is a therapist and coach who led us on a mindfulness journey into something we want to bring more of into our lives, and for me it was determination. I had recognized that I had been struggling recently and I needed a good reminder of what I was doing all of this for and that it’s up to me to achieve it.

After our session, The Butcher and The Blonde (@butcherandtheblonde) treated us to a gorgeous catered dinner within the Lululemon Boulder location, which was absolutely fabulous!

I’ve already been a fan of Lululemon previously, as I purchased one of their yoga mats just this year and never looked back. It was the best quality mat I had ever used, and it provides a cushioned non-slip that’s perfect for those intense hot yoga classes.

If you’re in the market for a yoga mat, I can’t recommend enough one of these that will last you for years to come:

The left is Lululemon’s 5mm reversible mat that is luxurious and durable for all your yoga classes, providing ample grip and padding, as well an antimicrobial material.

On the right is Lululemon’s Carry Onward mat that is a travel type mat, convenient for people who want to workout while on the road or for easier transport when biking to class.

Although it is still fairly heavy for a travel mat, it’s got a decent padding to it and most importantly, has the ability to fold up to be quite compact.

But if you’re investing in a mat, you should also consider a strap (for the normal mat) and a small towel that is quality microfiber to quickly absorb the sweat from your practice.