Heartbreak pays bills. ? – A personal anecdote and Spotify playlist.

“I’m sadder, I’m badder, I’m cooler
… than I was when I met ya.

Heartbreak pays bills…

You lose,
I win.” – The one and only @ToveLo

This is a playlist for the girls (and boys) who have had their heartbroken by some douchebag who couldn’t handle his own emotions, because his daddy taught him that emotions are bad growing up…

Well, I’m here to tell you that is BULLSHIT.

This is a rallying cry.

You are NOT the unworthy one,
these men were just never taught how to actually love,
and no matter how much love you pour into someone,
no one can teach them if they don’t want to learn.

The boys who refuse to accept that fact
can call me dramatic all they want,
but they already know I’m right.

That’s why it makes them so damn mad. ?

So, to them, I will only ask… “Why am I cooler than you?” ?

Sincerely from the once yours baddest bitch alive,

The Adventure Bitch

(Aka, the patriarchy’s worst fucking nightmare.) ??

While this may seem extreme to some, I am no stranger to having the tough conversations, and I feel that more of them need to be had.

While I am angry and hurt, allowing myself the time and capacity to feel and process these feelings is part of the healing process, but since then I have reached out to people of all kinds and not only found support, but answers I didn’t know where there.

We are all dealing with some sort of internal trauma or abuse, and we need to be kind to one another.

Listening to a song about stealing someone’s car and actually doing it are two totally different things.

Inflicting more pain on the world will not help anyone, but being silent is violence if you know something someone is doing is abusive to others.