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Fly Free Academy

So you want to learn how to fly around the world for basically FREE?

You could be booking flights like…

$56 to Bali, Indonesia. ROUND TRIP!

Swing at Gili Air in Indonesia


$12 to Seattle, Washington (round trip)

$12 to Austin, Texas (round trip)


$82 to Liberia, Costa Rica. ROUND TRIP!

These are all REAL fares I’ve taken, that I learned from THIS course.

These are by far the CHEAPEST flights I’ve ever taken,

and it’s a system you can take advantage of time and time again.

I’m not wealthy.

I don’t have ‘extra cash’ lying around.

I spend less on flights than some do going to dinner…

I save $1000s on flights using what learned from this course that costs less than $50.

Imagine where you could go if you only had to pay less than $100 to get there?

Click here to find out the secret to saving $1000s on flights!

 With love,
The Adventure Bitch 💕