Infinity Pool with Bird Cage Lounges at I'M Hotel Manilla, Philippines. Learn how to save money online using Ebates.

Save Money by Shopping Online with Ebates

So why should you pay any attention to Ebates?

Let me start by saying this…

Part of travel hacking is knowing how to save money… especially while you’re NOT traveling. When you’re on the road, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of shopping around for the cheapest option. You just have to pay full price because you don’t have time to spare and price shop.

So, one way I take advantage of being in one spot for a while is by saving money on things I don’t have to have right now, mostly using this tool/company called Ebates.

I buy stuff online all the time. In fact, I specifically TRY to buy things online rather than in-store if I can help it. Why? Because I can usually save money, and time.

Furniture? Yes. (I don’t have to lug it home.)

Travel Gear? Yes. (I can price shop and compare reviews, etc.)

Random shit? Definitely. Even my groceries.

I will pretty much always opt to shop online if I don’t need it RIGHT NOW. I can save money, and I have this neat trick that gets me cash back to save even MORE money.


What do I have to do?

This method is a simple one because all you really have to do is sign-up and click a few buttons.

Does earning up to 12% of the cash that you were going to spend ANYWAYS sound good to you?

Well, it should! That shit adds up! (It’s called easy money. Take it!)

I’ve earned $507 in about 3 years just from doing the shopping I would have done anyway. (That’s easily a round-trip international ticket!)

If you buy ANYTHING online, you should sign up for Ebates right now. 

Shop at Amazon? (Duh.) You could be getting up to 5% cashback. That’s $5 back on a $100 purchase.

Don’t you think would add up considering how many times you buy something there? (Yes, the answer is a resounding yes.)

Get 5% back at (where they already have good hotel deals), 10% on (because it wasn’t cheap enough lol), 6% on Groupon (good way to visit local restaurants for cheaper), and 2-12% on many other websites which you probably buy from already.

And all you had to do was click a button.

Just visit Ebates and sign-up, and you’ll automatically receive $10.

Then, you can install the extension on your browser, then the Ebates icon lights up red when you are on a site you could save money on. Just click the icon, it turns on the cashback, and you’re good to go!

How easy is that?

You’d be a fool to not want cash back for literally a couple of clicks of the mouse.

I don’t know about you, but the $507 I’ve got sent back to me over the past 4 years is A-okay by me! (And a whole lot better than NOT getting that money back at all!)

So again, sign-up for Ebates here. Thank me later.



The Adventure Bitch ❤

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