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First of all, in case you’re new here, I’ve been in the influencing game for a little while now, so I wanted to share some information/resources for those of you wondering how you can get started too, but also want to be ADEQUATELY compensated for your efforts! Enter ApexDrop. ❤️

Each product collab through ApexDrop is worth around $100 to $200 in value.

One of the first influencer marketing platforms I joined was ApexDrop. I received an invitation in my email to join, where they boasted providing influencers with products in exchange for an Instagram (or YouTube) post. There is no obligation to purchase anything out of pocket or join non-brand aligning collabs, just simply click “Apply” to the ones you’re interested (with a short and sweet form) and post within a week of receiving the product.

As you work up to getting paid collaborations, product-only exchanges are a great way to hone in your practice. You can begin by providing these brands value while also gaining experience and trying cool, new products!

I started with them when I was just around 12k followers around a year ago, and have received over 40 collab invites since. 

Even more, every brand I’ve worked with through ApexDrop I’ve been very happy with the quality of the product and the speed of delivery. So furthermore, I’ve included below the details of each of my collaborations, including the product’s value and other details.

My Collaborations through ApexDrop:

Wear Panda Sunglasses  
$120 worth of sunglasses (1 pair eco-sustainable and UVA/UVB bamboo sunglasses)


$100 worth of premium quality leather sandals (2 pairs)


O.penvape/Organa Labs 
$100 worth of product (One rose gold O.penvape pen 2.0 – $40 value
& one 500mg Craft Reserve Cartridge – $60 value)


Caskata Artisinal Home
$100 worth of premium tableware (I chose a large platter and two mugs that are beautiful, perfect for entertaining AND usable with microwave and dishwasher)


I and Love and You Pet
$70 worth of pet food (collaborated TWICE for $140 value total)


Ghostek – Protective Smart Phone Case/Wallet
$75 Amazon gift card ($40~ purchase required then $35~ left over)


$80 worth of topical vitamin patches (I chose focus, anti-aging, and multi-vitamin patches)


In full disclosure..

I’m also writing this article in hopes of winning a new MacBook Pro as a promotion with ApexDrop (so I’m sure there will be similar contests in the future), so for that reason I happily made the following posts as well talking about my experiences with ApexDrop.

In Conclusion

All of these collabs have been with brands I genuinely like and would use, so getting free product in exchange for building my experience as an influencer and sharing these great products is a win-win situation!

 The great thing about also doing product-only exchanges is that they are MUCH more flexible than paid collabs in terms of what type of post to make. This is where you can let your creativity soar and try new things to see what your audience engages with most! In the case I was traveling when a product arrived, ApexDrop was also understanding with posting schedule modifications (along with any product delays).

So if you’re ready to step up your Instagram influencer game…

You only need 5k followers on Instagram or 2k followers on YouTube to join!

So if you like this article and meet the qualifications, help me help you and sign-up here mentioning I referred you ????

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