5 Celebrations & Sporting Events for Your Bucket List

Bucket lists are all the craze. They’re great for making lists of all the places you want to see or things to do in your life, and they often reflect the personality of the person making the list.

I thought it would be a good idea to give you a few ideas for your bucket list. So I made my own. It’s my bucket list of top 5 celebrations or sporting events not to miss in your lifetime. Ready?

1.Oktoberfest, Germany

I’m not talking about your local German Oktoberfest. I’m talking about the Oktoberfest to end all other Oktoberfests. And it takes place in Munich every year for 16-18 days, often starting in late September all the way into the first weekend of October. Do you want to know what the most famous event in Germany is? Here’s your answer. Oktoberfest has a steady flow of more than 5 million visitors every year. And did you know that other celebrations around the world are modeled after this one? Enjoy great German beer, brats, music, and more.

2.The Super Bowl

Football is about more than just the sport. Every year, teams compete for a chance to win the ultimate reward: a Super Bowl ring, while sports betting enthusiasts claim the 20bet bonus code and take advantage of their knowledge on the games. But it isn’t just the ring that draws such massive crowds. It’s the music, the friendship, the thrill of the chase. It doesn’t matter if your favorite team is playing. Everyone still chooses a team to root for. The cost of attendance can get pricey, but you can find affordable Super Bowl tickets easily online. If you like sports, entertainment, and fellowship, this event needs to be on your list.

3.Glastonbury Festival

Everyone enjoys good entertainment, and the Glastonbury Festival is the perfect place to enjoy as much as you can handle. Every June in Scotland, performers from around the world are invited to perform in the world’s largest contemporary art festival. There are musical artists from all forms of music, dancers, comedians, theatrical performances, circus shows, and so much more. In all, there have been a record 385 or more live performances every year, and early 200,000 people visit. If you love entertainment, this is a festival not to miss.


This sporting event is one of the oldest in the world, and it’s considered extremely prestigious to perform and attend. One of the big draws to Wimbledon is the propriety of it all. It’s like the ultimate tea party for sports. Every June, the best tennis players in the world come together to compete for prestige. To this day, it’s the only sport that still gets played on the original surface. For a fun and fancy trip, you have to visit Wimbledon.

5.Rio Carnival

Just before Lent every year, the city of Rio plays host to its world-famous Carnival festival. More than 2 million people walk the streets each day. Carnival is all about dancing, drinks, parades, and a celebration of life. The fun starts several days before Lent and comes to a dramatic and colorful head on the final day. If you love dancing and parties, Carnival is an experience you won’t want to miss.

What would you add to your bucket list?