25 Cute Travel Inspired Jewelry & Themed Accessories

Cute travel jewelry can inspire you to turn your wanderlust into reality. Or serve as a constant reminder for your passion to travel. And that’s what this travel inspired jewelry list is all about.

Whether it’s a globe necklace, mountain range ring or a wanderlust stamped bracelet, these themed accessories will give new life to familiar outfits, serve as inspiration when you’re back at home, and some even support a charities around the world. Even you’re not the globetrotter yourself, they would make for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life.

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Cute Travel Jewelry & Accessories: from Inspired Charm Bracelets to Rings to Necklaces


A travel bracelet isn’t just an accessory; it’s a personal map of your wanderlust. Each themed bracelet serves as a wearable memory, reminding you of the places you’ve explored, experiences you’ve embraced or want to in the future. These pieces are inspired by the allure of adventure, making them ideal for those who wish to carry its spirit.

Compass BraceletCompass Bracelet


Compass Bracelet

PoppyKittenJewellery $48.10

Crafted with love and precision, this cute piece will guide you on your adventures and remind you of the cherished moments shared with your dearest friends.

Airplane BraceletAirplane Bracelet


Airplane Bracelet

Skyjwels $109.78

Elevate your travel inspired style with this Airplane Charm Bracelet in 14k solid gold. This piece screams “Jetsetter!” and is perfect for those who fly high and don’t settle for anything less than gold-standard glamour.

World Map BraceletWorld Map Bracelet


World Map Bracelet

DiamondRoseJewellery $33.89

You can carry the world on your wrist with this map bracelet that is a must-have for any globetrotter.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are a fun departure from regular bracelets. Unlike traditional accessories, each charm on a travel-themed bracelet tells a unique story – a memory of an inspired destination, a dream transformed into reality, or a future journey envisioned. Wearing a charm bracelet is like showcasing your personal adventure journey.

Poppy 14k Gold Charm BraceletPoppy 14k Gold Charm Bracelet


“Poppy” 14k Gold Charm Bracelet

CharmCo $995.00

Get ready to turn heads with this “Poppy” 14k Gold Charm Bracelet! It’s the ultimate accessory for those who know how to make a statement, offering endless opportunities to flaunt your unique style and personality.

3 Passport Stamp Charm Bracelet3 Passport Stamp Charm Bracelet


3 Passport Stamp Charm Bracelet

Jet Set Candy $2,998

Unleash your inner jet-setter with this solid gold Passport Stamp Bracelet Bundle! These three charms are your ticket to sass, style, and globetrotting glamour.

Traveler Charm BraceletTraveler Charm Bracelet


Traveler Charm Bracelet

StarGazingJewelryy $27.99

Indulge in some wanderlust with this charm bracelet that is drenched in the luxurious brilliance of 18k gold-filled elegance. This sassy piece is your passport to flaunt your globe-trotting spirit with style and panache.


Travel rings are more than mere pieces of jewelry; they hold within them inspiration and the spirit of adventure. These rings often feature intricate designs inspired by different cultures, landscapes, or symbols of places visited. 

Wearing a travel ring is like carrying a miniature map of one’s journeys on your finger—a tangible connection to the memories and experiences gathered across the globe. Each ring tells a unique story, whether it’s the sparkling azure of a Mediterranean coastline, the earthy tones of a desert landscape, or the intricate patterns reminiscent of ancient architecture.

Gold Mountain RingGold Mountain Ring


Gold Mountain Ring

JewelryRB $21.51

This Gold Mountain ring is a sassy, dainty masterpiece that’s perfect for adventure-loving souls. Let this little mountain peak on your finger remind you that you’re ready to conquer the world in style, one peak at a time!

Airplane Ring Airplane Ring


Airplane Ring

Tomer Jewelry $820

Soar to new heights with this 14k Gold Airplane Ring for Women. This charming ring is not just for female pilots; it’s a delightful way for anyone to embrace their inner aviator and add a touch of adventure to their style. Buckle up, because this ring is ready to take your fashion game to cloud nine.

World Map RingWorld Map Ring


World Map Ring

Bubblebox $29.10

Get ready to embark on a stylish journey with this World Map Ring! It’s not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a passport to adventure and a fun way to show your love for exploring the world.

World Map Wedding Band SetWorld Map Wedding Band Set


World Map Wedding Band Set

JewelryEscorial $899.00

Celebrate your love story with this 14k Gold Wedding Bands Set featuring the world map. These rings are more than just a symbol of your union; they’re a declaration of your shared adventures and dreams.

Airplane Ring SetAirplane Ring Set


Airplane Ring Set

yhtanaff $48.60

These whimsical rings are not just a promise of forever; they’re a promise to explore life’s adventures together, one flight at a time.

Mountain Range RingMountain Range Ring


Mountain Range Ring

JewelryRB $27.96

This delightful piece of mountain-inspired jewelry is not just a ring; it’s a wearable adventure, a reminder to keep reaching for new heights and embracing life’s peaks and valleys with a smile. Put this ring on, and let your spirit climb to new summits!


Earrings become more than decorative accents when infused with travel themes – they are practical expressions of your passion for exploration. These elegant pieces adorn your ears with stories of distant lands, sparking conversations while serving as tokens of your adventurous side. So let these earrings reflect your love for travel in both style and practicality.

Traveler's Protection Gold Coin Medallion Stud EarringsTraveler's Protection Gold Coin Medallion Stud Earrings


Traveler’s Protection Gold Coin Medallion Stud Earrings

HunterAndTrove $37.51

These playful yet elegant earrings are more than just accessories; they’re your lucky charms for every adventure, adding a touch of wanderlust to your look. Wear them proudly and let your journeys be filled with joy, style, and a dash of golden protection.

Petite Airplane EarringsPetite Airplane Earrings


Petite Airplane Earrings

FarleysFuture $125.00

Take off on a stylish adventure with this Petite Airplane Earrings in 14kt solid gold! These charming earrings are more than just jewelry; they’re your passport to chic and a playful nod to your wanderlust.

Cloud Airplane Stud EarringsCloud Airplane Stud Earrings


CLoud Airplane Stud Earrings

nRichCollection $7.49

Get ready for a stylish takeoff with this Cloud Airplane Stud Earrings. Add a touch of whimsy to your look and let your imagination soar among the clouds!

World Stud EarringsWorld Stud Earrings


World Stud Earrings

0and1Berlin $10.03

Get ready to take on the world, one stylish step at a time, with this World Stud Earrings. These little globes are fun fashion, a reminder that the world is your oyster, and you’re ready to explore it with flair.

Custom Wood City Map EarringCustom Wood City Map Earring


Custom Wood City Map Earring

LittleMintAnchor $39.99

Turn your love for travel into wearable art with our Custom Wood Map Earrings, available in Cherry, Maple, or Walnut


Necklaces have long been cherished as fashion statements, adorning necklines with elegance and charm. Beyond their aesthetic allure, these intricate pieces also hold a unique power to evoke memories and aspirations. Just as a traveler collects experiences to string together a journey, a wanderlust-inspired necklace becomes a precious bead on the thread of one’s personal odyssey.

World Map NecklaceWorld Map Necklace


World Map Necklace


This delightful accessory is more than just jewelry; it’s a stylish statement of your love for adventure and exploration. Wear it proudly and let your wanderlust shine through your fashion, inspiring your next great journey.

Traveler's Coin Protection NecklaceTraveler's Coin Protection Necklace


Traveler’s Coin Protection Necklace

Simple & Dainty $99

This versatile piece serves as both a protective amulet and a stylish statement. Wear it anytime, from savoring wine in Tuscany to strolling your local farmer’s market. It’s hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant, and safe for showers and sleep, making it ideal for worry-free travel.

Compass Rose Pendant NecklaceCompass Rose Pendant Necklace


Compass Rose Pendant Necklace

Oradina $330

Navigate your style with this Compass Rose Pendant Necklace. This accessory is always pointing you in the direction of fun and excitement.

Earth and Plane NecklaceEarth and Plane Necklace


Earth and Plane Necklace

clenkjewelry $29.40

For the wanderer with an eye on the skies and feet on the ground, this Earth and Plane Necklace is your ultimate accessory! It’s your playful reminder that you’re bound for both adventure and down-to-earth charm.

Mini Cut-Out Airplane Disc NecklaceMini Cut-Out Airplane Disc Necklace


Mini Cut-Out Airplane Disc Necklace

Zales $195.30

Crafted in 14K gold, this dainty necklace features a charming disc-shaped pendant with a miniature cut-out airplane design. It hangs gracefully on a 16.0-inch rope chain, and is secured with a convenient spring-ring clasp.

Mountain NecklaceMountain Necklace


Mountain Necklace

Made $54.00

Get ready to conquer every peak of style with our Mountain Necklace! This unique necklace is a fun way to show off your adventurous spirit and love for the great outdoors. Wear it proudly and let your fashion sense climb to new heights!

World Map NecklaceWorld Map Necklace


World Map Necklace

PersonalCufflinks $37.80

Explore the world in style with this cute World Map Necklace. You can get it in sterling silver or 14kt gold.

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