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15 Best Camera Bags and Backpacks (2024): Brevite, Lululemon, and More

Traveling with a camera is always A Thing. It’s stressful and high stakes. The chances of damaging a camera, losing it, having it stolen, or misplacing a key accessory like batteries, are unfortunately high on a trip. Which is why investing in a decent camera bag and doing your research is essential. When a camera is along for the ride, a bag whose design thoughtfully and specifically takes your packing list into account is a godsend. It’s important to consider that different camera backpacks and bags work best in different environments—the receptacle that’s ideal for skirting along the edge of a waterfall might not be the one you choose when walking for miles in Paris. Below, we’ve selected the best camera backpacks for every situation, with styles from trusted brands including Lo & Sons, Bellroy, and Thule.

This gallery has been updated with new information since its original publish date. Additional reporting by Meg Reinhardt and Louis Cheslaw.

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